Pedalboard: Temple Audio Duo24

RJM Buffer: Great little buffer pedal. It’s the only buffer I’ve used where I actually heard the difference and liked what it was doing. I use it at the beginning of my chain. It also has a split that goes to my tuner so that’s neato as well.

Sonic Research Mini Tuner: These tuners are ACCURATE because they’re strobe tuners. However, unlike all the other strobe tuners, they’re easy to read. I like it because I can intonate my guitars on the road during a soundcheck.

Walrus Audio Deep Six: This is just the greatest guitar pedal compressor. It’s got a blend knob which is great for getting a nice thick comp tone without thinning your tone.

EHX POG2: I use this pedal for octaves. I could use the smaller ones but they sound completely different. Call me crazy but the big one sounds the best. I particularly like the filter on the POG2 to roll off the harsh top end that these pedals create. It means I can have more octave up without the pain!

JHS Kilt: I use this pedal for more saturated overdrive tones. It’s very midrange-y and dumps off lows in a way that makes the guitar sit really great in a mix. It’s a signature StuG pedal and while I am definitely a huge StuG fan, that’s not why I use the pedal. It’s a very close copy of an old Bixonic Expandora pedal which I’ve used for years. Since original expandora’s are getting harder to find and more expensive, it’s nice to leave that at home and use the kilt on my travel boards.

JHS Ruby Red: Another signature pedal that I love, hah! I’m a huge Butch Walker fan but again, his pedal is based off of the Superbolt pedal that I’ve used for years, so that’s why the RR is on my board. It sounds fantastic and it’s flashy and red.

Ernie Ball VP Jr: This guy is just a necessary evil. I’ve got a pile of broken ones at the studio and a few unused ones for backups in case I break one on the road. As soon as I find a better option, I’ll switch out.

Vertex Landau Chorus: My favorite chorus pedal!!! It’s stereo and sounds HUGE.

Strymon TimeLine: It’s just the best delay pedal you can buy. Super easy to use and sounds better than any other digital pedal in my opinion. I love that I can save a ton of presets and recall them so easily.

Strymon BigSky: Probably my desert island pedal. I feel like I can create endless new sounds and textures. Like everything Strymon does, it works better than anything else in it’s class and sounds better.

Power Supply: Everything is powered by 2 Strymon Ojais. I love this new power supply because it has enough ma to power a wide range of pedals properly, and it’s completely modular which makes switching/ adding pedals quite easy.

Patch Cables: I use Evidence Audio Monorail exclusively on my board. I like using this solder-less cable system for my fly-rig because it is actually a reliable and durable system that makes cable replacement/ adjustment super easy. Not to mention it sounds fantastic. I’d highly recommend this cable system for anyone who wants to make custom cables for their board.

Lead Cables: For instrument cable I love the Planet Waves American Stage cables. They are super solid, sound great, priced well, and have well-designed plugs. designed and managed by THUNDERBIRD STUDIO

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