Veritas 503

This is the latest model from Veritas and it’s probably my new favorite. It has BearCat pickups in it which they wind in house. They sound stellar! Even though this particular one wasn’t originally built for me, I love the way it feels and sounds. If you’re in the market for a Veritas, these are definitely worth a look.

Veritas Portlander

This has been one of my main guitars for everything ever since I got it a few years ago. I love the Portlander model because it feels like a Telecaster in your hands and a Les Paul under your fingers. This one had Lollar El Reyo pickups, but I recently swapped them out for Veritas BearCat pickups. It’s made me love this guitar even more - super punchy and clear.

Veritas Portlander

This one was my first Portlander. The only difference, beside the aesthetic and pickups, is the neck. Casey and I were working on a neck shape and I told him I liked them pretty big. Well, this one turned out to be a little too big, but surprisingly it is extremely comfortable to play, so we left it. It started life with 2 Lollar gold-foil pickups and a single 3-way switch. Later on, I had Casey add a third gold-foil and install 3 on/off switches (a tribute to the my old Silvertone 1429). I love how unique this guitar sounds, and it always a blast to play. I also LOVE the subtle red sparkle.

Veritas Goldtop

This was the first guitar Casey ever built for me. It’s from a time before they used CNC machines. That said, this one was built by hand. That’s not to say it’s better than his current guitars, because honestly the CNC guitars are just as good, if not better. I’m proud to have a guitar as early in the Veritas existence as this one. I asked for a 56 Goldtop style guitar and he DELIVERED. I recently put a firebird pickup in the bridge and now it’s literally perfect. I always take this guitar with me when we tour because it is such a dream to play live. It has all the right feels for me.

Veritas Texas Miracle

The Texas Miracle is probably my best looking guitar. We did a milky white color that is light enough for you to see the woodgrain thru the finish. I had a bit of a Mary Kaye strat obsession one week so we did something similar, minus the gold hardware. I went with a maple neck too which honestly hasn’t been my favorite tonally but gives the guitar this snappy quality that's kinda cool. It’s got Lollar T-52 pickups so that helps balance the top end from the neck. Sometimes I open tune it and play like Keith Richards.

Gretsch 6129T

I got connected with Gretsch mid-2016. One of their reps came out to a show and brought some great guitars. This one I just connected with instantly. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical and didn’t think it’d be that good. Boy was I wrong. It has since become a main guitar in my live rig and will probably stay there for a long while. It is completely different than the Veritas stuff and compliments them very well. I hope to get more in the future.

Rickenbacker 360

So, this isn’t actually my guitar. I borrowed it from my friend Josh a while back and have been using it a ton in the studio. He hasn’t asked for it back yet so I’m still using it. Josh if you’re reading this…. maybe you feel generous? Jk my dude. I’ll get one of my own someday. Until then, this one is really doing it for me.

1960 Silvertone 1429

… my first vintage guitar. I got it in Nashville at Gruhn Guitars. I was 15 at the time and they took me upstairs to their private showroom so I could play it. Needless to say I lost my mind. I wanted one of these ever since I saw Greg Hill (ex Mutemath) play one live. I thought it was the coolest looking guitar and he made it sound so good. I’ve been using it in Nashville tuning (hi-strung) for some time now, however, I recently put normal strings back on it and have been quite enjoying it.

1970 Univox Strat

This is a total piece of crap I bought on reverb a while ago. I wanted a vintage strat but didn’t want to spend $6,000 for the one I really wanted. I ended up buying this one for $300 and threw some Lollar Special S pickups in it. It’s from the 70's, how bad can it be?! I ended up having to build a new bone nut and I also re-fretted it myself (Jim at Veritas gave me some much needed guidance), and I put some better tuners on it too. Instead of a total piece of crap I now have a guitar that sounds incredible and plays like an old messed up strat copy. It’s great!

1930’s Supertone

Three days after buying my '73 Guild F-12, I was at Trade Up Music in Portland and found this on a wall of odd-ball acoustic guitars. I played every single one and this guitar just stood out to me. I sat down with it and ended up playing it for 40 minutes before walking up to the guy and telling him that I was taking it. Supertone was the Sears brand of guitar before they changed it to Silverstone which I think is pretty cool. It has a HUGE neck and is definitely a little janky, but it’s got vibes for days and I feel like I’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.

Guild GAD50

My parents bought me this guitar for my 14th birthday. It was for sale in a local music shop that I’d go to with my dad every weekend and every time I walked in I’d go straight to that guitar and play it. When my folks gave it too me I freaked out. It’s still one of my favorite acoustics even though it’s technically not a “nice” Guild. I think it sounds fantastic. It’s beat up real good by now and will probably need some repairs at some point but it’ll be worth it for all the right sentimental reasons.

1973 Guild F12

Dan and I found this guitar in Portland - at a Guitar Center of all places. The guy selling it to us was a jerk so we talked to the manager and got it down to a price we were willing to pay. It’s a super balanced 12-string and it sounds like a bunch of my favorite Tom Petty songs. I love old Guilds and I’m really stoked to have this one. designed and managed by THUNDERBIRD STUDIO

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